Bright Cloud International won the 3rd Prize and $5000 in the RoboBowl – National Healthcare and Quality of Life Robotics Ventures Competition. The competition was intended to find and foster start-up and early-stage companies seeking to develop “big idea” products and services that address unmet and under-served market needs in targeted industrial sectors. The final round took place in Pittsburgh on October 13. For more details see


2 Responses to Bright Cloud International wins 3rd Prize in the RoboBowl – national Healthcare and Quality of Life Robotics Ventures Competition.

  1. ed tate says:

    I’d like to learn more about your win at the RoboBowl, please. I director of communications in the office of the vice president for research and economic development at rutgers. Thanks, Ed

    • bci_admin says:

      We competed against startup teams which typically were earlier in developing products. There was a jury of specialists ranging from healthcare insurance executives to venture capitalists.
      They really liked BrightArm and our integrative rehabilitation approach.
      Greg Burdea PhD
      President of BCI

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