BrightArm publications


House G, Burdea G, N Grampurohit, K Polistico, D Roll, F Damiani, J Hundal, D Demesmin. A feasibility study to determine the benefits of upper extremity virtual rehabilitation therapy for coping with chronic pain post-cancer surgery. The British Journal of Pain, November 2016, 10(4):186-197. (click here to download PDF)

House G, G. Burdea, K. Polistico, D. Roll, J. Kim, F. Damiani MD, S. Keeler, J. Hundal, S. Pollack. Integrative rehabilitation of stroke survivors in Skilled Nursing Facilities: the design and evaluation of the BrightArm Duo. Disability and Rehabilitation-Assistive Technology. November 2016. 11(8):683-94. (click here to download PDF)

House G, G. Burdea, K. Polistico, N. Grampurohit, F. Damiani MD, S. Keeler, J. Hundal, S. Pollack. A rehabilitation first – nursing home tournament between teams of chronic post-stroke residents. Games for Health. February 2016. 5(1), 75-83. (click here to download PDF)

House G, G Burdea, K Polistico, D Roll, J Kim, F Damiani, S Keeler, J Hundal, S Pollack (2015) BrightArm Duo integrative rehabilitation for post-stroke maintenance in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Proc. Int. Conf. Virtual Rehabilitation, Valencia, Spain. 207-214. (click here to download PDF)

G. Burdea, B. Rabin, D. Rethage, F. Damiani, J. S. Hundal and C. Fitzpatrick; BrightArm™ Therapy for Patients with Advanced Dementia: A Feasibility Study. Proceedings 10th Int. Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation, Philadelphia, PA, August 2013, pp. 208-209. (click here to download PDF)

Rabin B, Burdea G, Roll D, Hundal J, Damiani F and Polack S. Integrative rehabilitation of elderly stroke survivors: The design and evaluation of the BrightArm. Disability and Rehabilitation – Assistive Technology. 2012; 7(4):323–335. PMID:22107353 (click here to read onlineclick here to download PDF)

B. Rabin, G. Burdea, J. Hundal, D. Roll, F. Damiani. Integrative Motor, Emotive and Cognitive Therapy for Elderly Patients Chronic Post-Stroke.(Pre-print) Proceedings of the International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation 2011, Zurich Switzerland, June 2011 (click here to download PDF)


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