BrightBrainer™ publications


Burdea G, K Polistico, R Liu, G House, R Muñiz, N. Macaro, L. Slater, J Hundal, S Pollack (2015) BrightBrainer feasibility study in a medical adult day program, Proc. Int. Conf. Virtual Rehabilitation, Valencia, Spain. 207-214. (click here to download PDF)

House G, G Burdea, K Polistico, J Ross, and M Leibick. A serious-gaming alternative to pen-and-paper cognitive scoring – a pilot study, Proc. 10th Intl Conf. on Disability, Virtual Reality and Assoc. Technologies, pp. 231-239, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2-4 Sept. 2014. (click here to download PDF)

Burdea G, K Polistico, G House, R Liu, Roberto Muñiz, N Macaro, and L Slater. Novel Integrative Virtual Rehabilitation Reduces Symptomatology in Primary Progressive Aphasia – A Case Study. International Journal of Neuroscience. 2015, 125(12):949-958. (click here to download PDF)

Burdea G, K Polistico, A Krishnamoorthy, G House, D Rethage, J Hundal, F Damiani, and S Pollack, “A feasibility study of the BrightBrainer™ cognitive therapy system for elderly nursing home residents with dementia,” Disability and Rehabilitation – Assistive Technology, 2015;10(5):421-432.   (click here to download PDF)

Francis E. Parker Memorial Home, Parker Promotes Cognitive Health at Annual Memory Fair, Highland Park, NJ, November 2013 (click here to download PDF)

G. Burdea, C. Defais, K. Wong, J. Bartos and J. S. Hundal; Feasibility study of a new game-based bimanual integrative therapy. Proceedings 10th Int. Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation, Philadelphia, PA, August 2013, pp. 101-108. (click here to download PDF)

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