RutgersArm (precursor technology) publications


Burdea G, B Rabin, A Chaperon, J Hundal. Emotive. Cognitive and Motor Rehabilitation Post Severe Traumatic Brain Injury–A New Convergent Approach.Proc. Int. Conf. Virtual Rehabilitation 2011, Zurich, Switzerland, June 2011. in press. (click to download PDF)

Burdea G, D Cioi, J Martin, B Rabin, A Kale, A DiSanto. Motor Retraining in Virtual Reality: A Feasibility Study for Upper-Extremity Rehabilitation in Individuals With Chronic Stroke. Journal of Physical Therapy Education (JOPTE), 2011;25(1):20-29. (click to download PDF)

Burdea G, D Cioi, J Martin, D Fensterheim, and M Holenski. The Rutgers Arm II Rehabilitation System – A feasibility study. IEEE Transaction on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 2010;18(5):505-514.  PMID: 20529757. (click to download PDF)


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